Injury Assessment & Treatment

Provision of assessments and treatments of both acute and chronic injuries/conditions.


Sports Massage

Provision of treatment to the soft tissues, including traditional massage as well as trigger point release. 
(This service is adaptable to the customer's needs so does not have to be sport related).

Senior Citizen Exercise Class

Exercise Prescription

Whether this be to improve fitness, as treatment for a painful area or just to get moving. These sessions can be completed independently or in small groups for any age group.


Corporate Physical Rehabilitation

Maintaining the health of your workforce is essential for productivity and reducing sickness in your employees. This service allows for employers to provide a service for their employees to utilise to meet these criteria.


Fit 2 Go Bodyscreen

Being injured at work, during sport or even going about your day to day activities can cause a lot of distress and have financial, social and even psychological implications.
The Fit2Go Body Screening Tool looks at multiple interactions to do with your Health / Lifestyle / Body led by a trained professional to highlight all the potential injury risk factors relevant to your activity. It will produce health and lifestyle advice that is tailored only to you and a specific exercise programme to further help you reduce your chances of injury.
It's good to know you're Fit2Go!

Examples of conditions treated:

  • Sports injuries eg. sprains/strains

  • Arthritis

  • Back pain

  • Tennis elbow