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Musculoskeletal Conditions

As a Sports Rehabilitator my specialism is in Musculoskeletal conditions.

Musculoskeletal conditions (MSK) are those which affect the muscles, bones and joints of the body. Examples- Low Back Pain, Arthritis, Muscle strains, Tennis Elbow and Ankle injuries.

MSK conditions affect between 1 in 3-5 people in the world of all ages (WHO, 2019).

MSK conditions can cause pain and have an effect on mobility, disability and functional ability (WHO, 2019). They can also have an effect on mental health, diabetes and obesity (NHS, 2020).

Modifiable aspects to prevent an MSK condition would be to remain physically active and lose any excess weight as these can increase the risk of developing a condition (GovUK, 2019).

Therapist treatment involves maintaining the patient’s activity and occupation as well as assisting with symptom relief through relevant treatment interventions (Burton and Kendall, 2014).

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