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Low Back Pain

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Low back pain is very common within the UK population, even among children.

The lower back is made up of five lumbar vertebrae. These are responsible for weight bearing and transferring force from the lower body to the upper body and vice versa.


Dull ache, pain in buttocks and legs, pain better when moving


  • Congenital- skeletal irregularities and spina bifida

  • Injuries- traumatic injury (eg. car crash), muscle strains, ligament sprains and muscle spasms

  • Degenerative- arthritis, disc degeneration and spondylosis

  • Nerve problems- spinal nerve compression/trapped nerve, ruptured disc and others

(NIH, 2020)

Risk factors

  • Age

  • Weak back muscles

  • Smoking

  • Stress and anxiety

  • Poor manual handling technique

  • Twisting

  • Bending

  • Weak abdominal muscles

(Koes et al, 2006)


  • Manual therapy- spinal manipulations and massage

  • Keep moving, NO bed rest

  • Exercise sessions- improvement of core stability, strengthening back muscles, improving range of movement

  • Exercise therapy and education has been found to reduce the impact of low back pain in the future (de Campos et al, 2020).

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